On Field Tip #3

Repetition. This is a major key when it comes to being a successful player. I’ve come to know this from both my personal experience and from being fortunate enough to talk to some professional players and ask them what they did differently to become the great players they are. The greatest advice that I have gotten during my career as a soccer payer is go train on my own, and to just do the same drills over and over, until they are perfected. If you’re an attacker, work on taking shots from the same area, aiming for the same targets, until you perfect your shot from this area. As a midfielder, work on hitting a target with a pass over and over again. Start close, and move further and further away as you perfect the shorter passes. And as for the goalkeepers and defenders reading this, take a friend with you to the field and work on 1v1 situations. Eventually, these movements and techniques you have worked on will become second nature, and will be so much easier to execute in games. For some more info on repetition drills in soccer click here.


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